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Chef’s Palette Restaurant and Bar Review

Chef's Palette Restaurant and Bar in Cary, NC

I love exploring new restaurants – personally and with my women’s social/travel group. So going to a restaurant I’d been to before was out of the question. I wanted something new with the right ambience and where the boys could eat well but I – a vegetarian – wouldn’t starve.

Fortunately a quick visit to solved my problem. Chef’s Palette Restaurant and Bar in Cary, NC is an unexpected neighborhood gem. The restaurant is beautifully designed. Art by local artists fills the walls and is for sale. The decor is gorgeous and conducive to a relaxing meal with friends and family. Our server, Jo, was phenomenal. She was proactive and attentive. She made excellent recommendations.

This gorgeous little neighborhood restaurant offers an amazing menu. Here’s a small sampling of what the menu (backlit to add to the charm and ambiance) had to offer…

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