Jane Green Interview for All Things Girl

Tell our readers a little about your background. Where are you from and how did you get started writing for a living?

Best-selling author Jane GreenI was born in the UK, fell into journalism when I left University, and decided to write a book when I was 27, after a friend wrote one and signed a publishing deal.

You’ve published twelve novels. Give readers a quick rundown of a few of your favorites.

I love the ensemble novels: BookendsThe Beach HouseSecond Chance. I got to know my characters so well, and felt that all of them were friends.

Your first published novel, Jemima J., was about a woman who is addicted to food and allows the people in her life to trample over her. Yet, we quickly identify with her struggles and we want to see her come out victorious. What led you to write the story of Jemima Jones?

Mostly my fascination with women’s relationship with food, and in particular, my own relationship with food, and how it has, at times, been the sole focus of my life. Jemima herself was inspired by a friend of mine, although she was larger and beautifully confident, not to mention beautiful. Jemima became her own person, entirely different from my friend, within the first couple of pages.

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